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Tibetisches Wörterbuch


The Tibetan Dictionary Database

An initial database was set up as early as 2000 to support the editorial work. The present database system was developed inhouse by the Bavarian Academy of Science and Humanities (BAdW). This database now serves as editing tool since 2017 and allows for creating, editing, and arranging of source excerpts, articles and references. It also enables the editors to automatically create print templates via LaTeX. Moreover, other procedures can be automated in full or in part as well. 

In addition to this editing tool which is available to staff only, there is now another application available at wts-digital.badw.de, providing a research opportunity in the articles so far completed for external parties as well. For editorial reasons though, at present there are only lemmas with the base consonant d accessible. Step by step, more parts of the alphabet will be enabled for display.

The Search Function allows for researching a lemma or a component of meaning or both combined.

Please find detailed explanations regarding the search as well as for entering diacritics via keyboard under Instructions.